Here are some documents that can be downloaded and printed out:
If you need software to view the MS Word or MS Excel documents, you can download them from here.

 Club Constitution 2007 Revision
 PTTC T-Shirt Order Form
 Hotel/Motel within 2 miles radius of the club
 Phoenix Table Tennis Club Rules
 Tournament Sponsor Programs
 Banned Table Tennis Rubber
 Racket Control
 New Gluing Rule
 USATT Rules of the Game
 ITTF Handbook for Match Officials
 **** Self-rating System ****
 ** PTTC'S and USATT'S Membership Fees **
 PTTC/USATT Individual League
 Wednesday Night Team Handicap League Rules
 Wednesday Training Table Rules
 New 40+ Plastic Ball FAQ
 2016 USATT Revised Membership Fees
 2016 Summer Team League Latest Results
 2016 Fall Team League Latest Results
 2017 Winter Team League Latest Results
 2017 Spring Team League Latest Results
 PTTC Memebership Application
 2017/2018 New Welcome Season Letter
 2018 Chinese Week Table Tennis Opent Entry Form
 PTTC'S Holiday for Year of 2017
 2018 PTTC Tournament Schedule