***** PTTC News **********
Added: 01-06-2018

1- The club will be closed on Monday, January 15th, 2018 for Martin Luther King Day.

2- AZ Open & Giant RR Tournament - February 24th & 25th, 2018.

Thank you,

On-Line Tournament Registration
Added: 04-04-2012

It's ALIVE!!!

Phoenix Table Tennis Club would like to introduce the availablity to register on line for tournaments,
starting with the Arizona Closed, May 5th and 6th.

The link to the on-line registration can be found on the upper right hand corner of the home page, and
also on the Tournament Schedule page. This will allow for use of debit cards and credit cards.

Additionally, the on-line registration will email you a receipt and confirmation of the events you have

******* Thank You *******
Added: 12-06-2010

As of Monday, December 6th, 2010 I am stepping down from being the Tournament Director.

It's been a lot of fun but it is time for me to step down so I can start playing more in the

But the main reason - I like to travel on the weekends to spend more time with my nieces and nephews
before they start dating.

I would like to thank the following people who have helped and supported me during the past years:

- Wayne and Xin Johnson - My Tournament Advisor, without his support there wouldn't be any tournaments at
all and with his help we have had many great tournaments.

- Ed Jerome - my left hand man, he is always there and will do whatever it takes to keep the tournaments

- David Hickman and Heidi Yang - the lovely couple and the lucky David who have helped to prepare and run
many tournaments.

- Emily and Naomi Jing - My 2 favorite girls, for running, taking many great pictures and keeping the
Tournament Umpire Jay Turberville in check by being Score Keepers.

- Damin Wu - for help in running many tournaments and setting up our computers.

- Jay Turberville and Matt Winkler - The top 2 Umpires in the US.

- Randy Rainbolt and Katie Lyter - For helping to run many tournaments and to put together many great and
unbelievable articles.

- Mankit Ma - Helping to prepare and run our tournaments.

- John Harrington - For putting up with me and to create all the Tournament Trophies.

- Mario Lorenc - To keep our website running smoothly so I could update all the News.

- Joe Murray and Mike from ARCH - For setting up and taking care of our hungry stomachs.

- Jerry Whelpley - My right hand man and a great doubles partner. With Jerry's help we have had many
smooth, great tournaments. He kept me centered and focused.

And finally, all of the thanks in the world to all of you who showed up to compete and support our


Next Chapter - Our new Tournament Director - Mark Dewitt

Being a Tournament Director is not an easy job. You need to prepare many months ahead before the dates of
the tournaments. You are the first to arrive and the last to leave. You have to be there whether you feel
good or not.

So please support our new Tournament Director - Mr. Mark Dewitt.

Thank you,

Gia leu

New Policy Regarding Table and Barrier Setup at the Club
Added: 10-29-2010

Starting Monday, November 1 we will have a new policy regarding the setup and storage of tables and
barriers. For the past eight years this has been the responsibility of ARCH. In the past, however, they
had community service help available. But the community service help is no longer an available to them.

Recently they have had paid staff taking care of this. But the cost is something that they can no longer
shoulder. ARCH has said that they can no longer afford to do the setup and storage for us. We will have
to start doing this for ourselves.

We think this change in policy is fair and reasonable. We receive a very favorable rental rate from ARCH
and have for eight years now. That rate has never been increased.

So Starting Monday, November 1, we will take on the responsibility of setting up the tables and barriers
ourselves. If we are going to start playing at 7:00PM or earlier, then it will be important for some
players to show up earlier than 7:00PM to help with setup. So any players who can show up earlier to help
with setup are encouraged to do so.

Players should not start playing until all tables have been moved into place and the barriers have been
set up. This will be the responsibility of the first players who arrive at the club. Likewise, last
players to leave will have the responsibility of storing the tables and barriers. Set up and put away
should be pretty easy if three or four players are pitching in to help.

This volunteer help is necessary. Without it, our only option is to pay someone to do this for us and we
think that there are better things that we can do with club money than to hire folks to do this chore. In
fact, we think club players are more likely to be careful and take better care of their own club tables
than anyone else. This could be very good for the club overall. It is in everyone's best interest to
pitch in and help with this.

We have also been informed that ARCH has no problem with players coming in up to an hour ahead of time
(6:00PM) to play if there is no other activity in the gym. Since that is OK with ARCH, that is also OK

If you have any questions, please ask any of the Board Members.


Your Board Members
Gia, Jay, Mark and Matt

2010 Best of the West Open by Randy Rainbolt
Added: 09-30-2010

2010 Best of the West Open
September 25th & 26th, 2010

By Randy Rainbolt

It’s about this time of year, when we’re sure we’ve survived another Arizona summer and cooler days will
soon be upon us, that the Southwestern Sun reminds us just where we live and hits us with a few more
triple digit days even after the first day of fall. Of course, those of us who know better, found our
way to the ARCH Gymnasium, home of the Phoenix Table Tennis Club, and site of the 2010 edition of The
Best of the West Table Tennis Tournament.

To better accommodate doubles play, which often times leaves players scrambling between events, the
tournament started the Wednesday before with the U-3700 Doubles. Six teams vied for the 1st place
trophy, which went to the formidable duo of Bernard Savitz and Leping He. Second place went to Mankit Ma
and Max Lai.

Saturday’s events got underway at 10 a.m. sharp. Two valley table tennis stalwarts met in the finals of
the Over 60 event with Bill Guerin defeating Volf Vaksingesser. In the Over 70 Event, Bill Cantor won
out over Ed Jerome in the final. Young Liem Nguyen continues to improve with his win over Angel Perez in
the U-1000’s. Everybody’s favorite Aussie, Iain Ross, earned the taller trophy against steady Lev Vays
in the finals of the U-1450’s. Jay Turberville outlasted fellow heavy-hitter Ashutosh Rain in the finals
of the U-1900’s and in the now epic battles between the two Derrick’s, Dok won out over Cone in the
finals of the day’s toughest event, the U-2000’s. The only doubles event of the day, the U-2800’s, was
won by the team of Eric Chan and Suzanne Mueller over Sun City’s finest, Dennis Keppen and Jim

For a couple of tournament regulars, it was truly “Sunday Morning Coming Down” as our favorite Musician
from New Mexico, Robert Bluestone, took first in the U-1150’s over regular finalist Michael Blackwell and
another first in the U-1300’s, outlasting The Quiet Man, Tim Yee. Ed Jerome returned to form with a
tough win over Chung-Fu Chang in the finals of the U-1600’s. Patrick Ekbundit fought his way to the
finals of the U-1750’s but ran head-long into a tough customer in Xavier Silveira, who won in four
straight. The X-man, Xiaozhou Hu, was in attendance, of course, and paired with young Awtrin “the
Future” Dabestani to defeat Bernard Savitz and Derrick Cone in the finals of the Open Doubles.

In the Open Singles event, The Usual Suspects were all present and accounted for, but with a sprinkling
of California Pips play to make things interesting. In one semi-final, young Derrick Dok continued to
make his presence felt as he managed to take the top-seeded X-Man to six games before bowing out. In the
other semi-final, California’s Robert Shahnazari plied his pips trade against Matt Winkler’s relentless
attacking, ultimately losing in six as well. So the stage was set, with the State’s top two rated
players meeting yet again in another Open final. The Winksta took the first game and The X-man the
second. The series figured to be another of the see-saw variety but instead, Mr. X won the next three to
lay claim to Number One and bragging rights in the State of Arizona! Congratulations to all the
finalists, though; the cheers from the stands aren’t always reserved for friends and family. A lot of
the hoopin’ and hollerin’ was just the crowd’s reaction to terrific play by the competitors!

The following people should be recognized for their untiring efforts, which is exactly what it takes to
run these tournaments: Tournament Director Gia Leu, Tournament Referee Matt Winkler, Tournament Umpire
Jay Turberville, Desk assistants Jerry Whelpley and Ed Jerome and Keeper of the Results, Dave Hickman,
Mankit Ma and our favorite girl Heidi Yang. The Purveyors of all things Trophetic, John Harrington and
Dan Bryan from Trophy World came through yet again with outstanding awards for the contestants. We would
also like to thank the following players for their generous donations (for prizes, balls & nets fund):
Alex Lai, Jonathan Lai, Robert Shahnazari, Eric Chan, Roger Dax, Michael Blackwell, Bernard Savitz, Keith
Chan, Iain Ross, Tom Kluegel, Rick Bonifasi and Damon Wake. And finally, a big round of applause from
all of us to all of you who entered and helped make this event a success! Hope to see you all back
December 4th and 5th for the Valley of the Sun Open. Don’t miss this great opportunity to hone your
skills in preparation for the Nationals in Las Vegas!!

2010 AZ Sizzler by Randy Rainbolt
Added: 07-21-2010

2010 Arizona Sizzler
July 14th, 17th & 18th, 2010
By Randy Rainbolt

If you ever find yourself in Phoenix, Arizona in mid July, when the temperature outside is 114°and
Gatorade is on sale for 49¢, head straight to the cool confines of the ARCH Gymnasium, home of the
Phoenix Table Tennis Club, and check out the annually held Arizona Sizzler Table Tennis Tournament.
This year’s edition offered an entertaining respite from the heat with some incredible competition.
First up was the ever-increasing-in-popularity hardbat event. Played on the Wednesday before the
weekend’s competition, the finals saw two of the state’s top hardbat players go at it like Ali and
Frazier. One finalist, Jay Turberville, was fresh off his U.S. Open Hard Bat Doubles victory in Grand
Rapids and was continuing his steady play by defeating top rated Matt Winkler. The other finalist, Jayant
Geete, was a previous winner of this event. Much teeth pulling and pounding sand ensued. In the end,
though, there can only be ONE hard bat champion in Arizona, and this time Jayant Geete won out over Jay,
two games to one.

The weekend’s events unfolded as follows, beginning with Saturday’s competition: A couple of newcomers
(to Arizona) battled it out for the U-1000 first place trophy: Congratulations to young Daniel Liu who
took first place over Neil Naputo. Sun City’s Jim Eggleston, Easy Ed Jerome and The Right Hand of the
Devil finished 1-2-3 in the Over 70’s Round Robin. Arizona’s most patient player, Rick Bonifasi, pip’d
his way to the finals of the U-1450’s. Waiting for him was Sun City’s Dennis Keppen, a two-winged steady
hitter. It went seven, with Dennis showing some patience himself and taking the taller trophy. Derrick
Dok was back in the U-2000 finals, this time facing local coach and umpire Marco Borillo. These two
know only one pace – blistering. At these speeds though, the game is decided on consistency and the Dok
Clan’s Firebrand displayed just a shade more, taking the final best-of-seven in six games. In the finals
of the U-1900’s, the Poster Boy for Hardbat, Jay Turberville, faced Stanley “Guaranteed a Trophy” Wong.
This time “Trophy” Wong was keen to Jay’s Hardbat ways and won in three straight. Dennis Keppen teamed
with his friend, playing partner, and fellow Sun City-zen Yali Carpenter to defeat Dr. Novikoff and Bill
“Size 40” Kenig in the finals of the Under 3200 Doubles.

On Sunday, the last day of the Sizzler, the only thing higher than the temperature outside was the level
of play back at The Gym. First to the podium were the finalists in the U-1300’s. Daniel Liu was back,
this time facing pesky Hon Ng. Hon won this time around, but both players are destined for bigger and
better days if they continue to work at, and enjoy, the game. As a matter of fact, just a short time
later, Daniel was back atop the podium when he defeated the also ever-improving Kellie Koehler in the
U-1150’s. As is typical of most table tennis tournaments, you have several players competing in multiple
events, some of which are running concurrently. During the day’s events, Derrick Cone and Bernard Savitz
teamed to defeat Dave Hickman and Jason Tang in the Open Doubles. This while Derrick was competing in
the Open and Dave was assisting at the control desk. Now that’s multitasking! Alvato “The Sunday
Sensation” Roberts was again making his presence felt at the close of yet another of these tournaments.
Alvato placed second to always tough Xaviera Silveira in the U-1750’s and defeated Tucson’s Nelson Sai in
the finals of the U-1600’s. Nelson even brought along a cheering section complete with specially made
outfits. Tucson always brings it and it is greatly appreciated.

The Open saw a return to form for a couple club veterans and the X-Man laying claim to the title of
Arizona’s highest rated player. The round robins alone, in the Open division, are worth the price of
admission to these tournaments. Advancers kick the level of play up a notch and the Semi’s and Final
always deliver. A slimmed down Marco Borillo gave second seeded Xiaozhou Hu a run for his money in one
of the Semi’s and Panno Dok, patriarch of the Infamous Dok Clan, surprised top-seeded Matt Winkler in the
other semi. The final came down to The X-Man’s attacking/looping versus Panno’s attack/blocking. The
younger, quicker Xiaozhou defeated Panno in four straight, but the crowd appreciated the level and styles
of play and the final ovation appeared to be for both of the finalists.

I’d also like to think that some of the final applause went out to all those who volunteered their time
and energy to make this tournament happen. Without PTTC Club Tournament Director Gia Leu, there would be
no tournaments, let alone this one. Additionally, PTTC President Mark DeWitt, former Board members Ed
Jerome & Jerry Whelpley, Referee and new Board member Matt Winkler, and Umpire and new Board member Jay
Turberville should all be recognized. Special thanks as well go out to Wayne Johnson, Dave Hickman,
Heidi, Naomi and Emily (Butterflies 1 and 2), Alex Lai, Katie Lyter and the ARCH’s Second-in-Command,
Mike. Trophy World stepped up again with beautiful trophies for the contestants-thank you John
Harrington and Mr. Warmth. Also many thanks to the following players for their generous donations (for
prizes, balls & net fund): Bernard Savitz, Tom Kluegel, Rick Bonifasi, Tammy Glassman, Michael
Blackwell, Veronica Chen, Randy Rainbolt, Tim Yee and David Meany.

And finally, all of the thanks in the world to all of you who showed up to compete. Without you, we’d
all be stuck playing King of the Table at Harrington’s place! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

The Phoenix Table Tennis Club will be hosting the Best of the West Open for 2010 right here at the ARCH
Gymnasium coming up on September 25th & 26th. Come on down and check it out--you won’t be disappointed!
Hope to see you then!!

2010 AZ Closed by Randy Rainbolt
Added: 05-11-2010

2010 AZ Closed, May 1st & 2nd, 2010

By Randy Rainbolt

This year’s edition of the Arizona Closed Table Tennis Tournament took place on the first weekend in May.
The weather outside was blustery and unseasonably mild. It was welcome though, because before too long
the notorious desert heat will try to set every one on fire. Meanwhile, indoors at the ARCH Gymnasium,
home of the Phoenix Table tennis Club, winds of change were at play …and Jay Turberville was already on

As has become the norm, our tournaments begin the Wednesday before with the always hotly contested U-3700
Doubles. This event, though, saw no change at the top as the team of Jerry Whelpley and Gia Leu, yet
again, took first in the round-robin event. Bernard Savitz and Jason Tang placed second. Gia is the
tournament director and Jerry his right-hand man, and typically don’t get a chance to play in any of the
weekend events. So they always make the most of it during this opening doubles event. And it’s good to
see Jason back and playing in these tournaments. He’s another of the many good guys in the Valley’s
table tennis playing community.

First to the podium on Saturday was Bill Guerin, winner in the Over 60 event. That would be
“over 60 years of age”, not “60 victims over the years”! Though in Bill’s case, both would count.
Newcomer Joe Bill had a very good tournament himself, placing second. Change was also evident in the
Under-1000 event, with two new names at the top: Michael Blackwell, who continues to make big strides,
took first, with Liem Nguyen taking second. In a return to the tried-and-true, though, The Pips
Whisperer (Tucson’s Rocky Dotzler) was back, breaking hearts in the U-2000’s. He and his Golden Paddle
frustrated the extremely steady Derrick Dok in the finals, winning four straight. In the finals of the
U-1450’s, Mile Rodich defeated Tim Yee four games to zero. But here, in the immortal words of Paul
Harvey, is the rest of the story: Mile worked the graveyard shift the night before! And Tim is proof
that in this game, no matter your age, if you continue to work at it, you will improve. Though neither
is young in age, both are young at heart and play that way. Next up was the blockbuster pips showdown
between the afore-mentioned Jay Turberville and the Pips Whisperer. If serving as the tournament umpire
wasn’t enough of a distraction (Jay), imagine playing at a 1900 level with vision in just one eye (The
Whisperer)! Going in, Jay’s plan was to attack, attack, attack, and it ultimately worked, as he defeated
Rocky three games to one, to take the U-1900 trophy. In the Over-70’s Round Robin, The Right Hand of the
Devil (Tucson’s Roger Baldner) placed first and yet another newcomer to the podium, Pete Au, placed
second. The final trophy of Saturday’s competition went to Sun City’s dynamic duo of Gentleman Jim
Eggleston and Dapper Dennis Keppen, winners of the U-2800 Doubles. Second place went to Rick Bonifasi
and Alvato Roberts. Rick becomes increasingly evil each week as he gains confidence with those damnable
pips. Something needs to be done soon or we will completely lose him to The Dark Side.

The final day of competition, Sunday, got underway with levels of play at both ends of the spectrum. The
big guns playing in The Open event started at 10 am along with 1750 level players and future Open
contenders competing in the U-1150’s. The Winds of Change were at work again as two new competitors
stepped to the podium this time in the U-1150’s, where Hon Ng defeated Jeremy Quinlan in the finals. In
a tough and fun-to-watch match, the particularly unwieldy Alvato Roberts defeated Xavier Silveira in the
finals of the U-1750’s. Xavier has won his fair share of trophies in these tournaments and is every bit
as gracious in defeat as he is in victory. As for Alvato, he may practice an unorthodox style, but it’s
certainly NOT what he preaches. Like an electron in its cloud, you never know where Mr. Roberts will
turn up, quality net and lifetime supply of practice balls in tow, working with whoever is willing to
listen and learn, stressing fundamentals and proper strokes, over and over again until he sees
improvement. Actually, the valley has several of these “electrons”. Robert Welsh and Jack Huh also come
to mind.

Yet another newcomer, Joe Bill, defeated Michael Blackwell, who continues to improve every tournament, in
the finals of the U-1300’s. There were also some new faces in the finals of the Open Doubles. Texas Tom
Mildewactionhero carried Derrick “What, me worry?” Cone past the Gruesome Two-some of Felix Shtorper and
Derrick Dok (yes, the Dok Clan, again) for the win. Pre-tournament favorite Matthew Winkler advanced to
the finals of the Open to meet surprise finalist Derrick Dok. Which, actually, was no surprise since
it’s just a matter of time before young Mr. Dok is himself a favorite. The series had the packed stand’s
undivided attention as Daring Derrick played The Winksta to a two-all tie going into the fifth game.
This wasn’t just a competition between two young firebrands, but a clash of playing styles and coaching
philosophies. The difference may have come down to experience as The Winksta won the next two games and
$170 in prize money. Derrick took the $70 second prize and walked away knowing that he made his presence
felt. The ultimate winners were the fans as we all look forward to seeing these two continue to make
their mark in Table Tennis here in the Southwest. The weekend’s competition came to a close with Tony
Nguyen insisting that he could not defeat Willing Cheng, what with his long reach and hit-everything-back
playing style. So of course, he did. Defeating yet another newcomer in Willing to win the U-1600

Again, as always, it cannot be stressed enough how much time and effort it takes to put on these
tournaments. A very sincere thank you goes out to all who contributed: Tournament director Gia Leu,
PTTC board members Jerry Whelpley, Ed Jerome and Mark DeWitt. Tournament advisor Wayne Johnson, Referee
Jay Turberville, Table Tennis Center-of-the-Universe Matt Winkler, Mankit Ma, Katie Lyter and the Clan

John Harington and Mr. Warmth at Trophy World provided yet another unique set of trophies - thank you,
thank you, thank you!

We would also like to thank the following players for their generous donations (for prizes, balls & nets
fund): Michael Blackwell, Randy Rainbolt, Kamran Salek, Bernard Savitz, Eric Chan, Rick Bonifasi, Tim
Yee, Dabestani’s family, Steve Suhr, Veronica Chen.

Last but not least, maybe even first and mostly, or perhaps smack dab in the middle, are all those who
played. Without you there are no tournaments. …and nowhere near the fun! Thank you for your
participation and we hope to see all of you back on July 17th & 18th for the always hot Arizona

1st 2nd

Open singles Matt Winkler Derrick Dok

Over-60 Bill Guerin Joe Bill

Over-70 Roger Baldner Pete Au

U-2000 Rocky Dotzler Derrick Dok

U-1900 Jay Turberville Rocky Doltzler

U-1750 Alvato Roberts Xavier Silveira

U-1600 Tony Nguyen Wiling Cheng

U-1450 Mile Rodich Tim Yee

U-1300 Joe Bill Michael Blackwell

U-1150 Hon Ng Jeremy Quinlan

U-1000 Michael Blackwell Liem Nguyen

U-2800 Dbls Eggleston/Keppen Bonifasi/Roberts

Open Doubles Cone/Migliaccio Shtorper/Dok

U-3700 Dbls Gia Leu/ Jerry Whelpley Bernard Savitz/ Jason Tang

2010 AZ Open by Randy Rainbolt
Added: 02-25-2010

2010 AZ Open, February 20th & 21st, 2010

By Randy Rainbolt

One of the great things about the Arizona Open Table Tennis Tournament, held annually in February, is
that it’s a chance for competitors to take a break from typical winter weather and enjoy all that The
Valley of the Sun has to offer. So of course, on the weekend of the 2010 edition, the metropolitan
Phoenix area gets an inch of rain! Fitting, I suppose, because indoors at the ARCH Gymnasium, home of
the Phoenix Table Tennis Club, it was raining loops, chops, forehands, backhands, pushes and whatever you
call that wicked voodoo that Jon Redman serves.

Though the tournament takes place over a weekend, it actually starts the Wednesday prior with the always
competitive U-3700 Doubles. This time the “owners” of this event, Jarring Whiplash and Yaw Hoo, met
Awtrin Dabestani and Andrew Manginelli in the finals. It went back and forth with the “A” team winning
in seven. The first player to claim a trophy during the weekend events was Volf Vaksengisser who took
first in the Over 60’s Round Robin. Bill Cantor took second. Up next was the “gateway” event where the
line between ping pong and table tennis is crossed: Newcomer Michael Blackwell defeated rapidly
improving Bret “Forrest” Coleman in the finals of the U-1000 event. Roger Baldner won the Over 70’s
Round Robin, with Fred Cericola taking second. For the record, Roger Baldner was referred to previously
as the Left Hand of the Devil. He is, in fact, the Right Hand of the Devil. And if the Devil is in the
pips, his “Daniel Webster” is surely Derrick Dok. In the finals of the U-2000’s, young Mr. Dok met Jim
“The Chess Master” Tarkowski, he of the “funny” rubber. Jim has always been, and to this day remains,
one of the craftiest players around. Derrick defeated him in six games. The hotly contested U-1450’s
was eventually taken by Ardeshir Dabestani, who defeated Dennis Keppen in six games in the finals. Next
up were the finals of the U-3200 Doubles. Marjan Simonic and Leping He fell at 9 in the first two games,
then rallied back to win the next three games and first place over Sun City’s Jim Eggleston and Xavier
Silveira. Saturday’s matches ended on yet another high note when Tucson’s Rocky Dotzler, wielding The
Golden Paddle, defeated former state champion Mark Da Vee in seven grueling games to win the U-1900’s.

The competition on Sunday picked up right where the previous day left off. The U-1300’s came down to the
dangerous forehand of Cecelia Ng and the maddening pips of Roger Baldner, with Roger winning in six.
Mike “The Brace” Fuschino, who will stop at nothing to win, including pushing the limits of the expedite
rule, outlasted Xavier Silveira to take the U-1750’s. I’m not sure which was brighter: the stage
lighting under which the control desk sits, or the smile on Rick Bonifasi’s face as he brought back the
clipboard signifying victory over Jerry Pratt in the finals of the U-1150’s. Table tennis magician Matt
Winkler and his protégé, Awtrin Dabestani, battled to the finals of the Open Doubles but were unable to
crack the team of Tucson’s Simen Potaychuk and Adam Zagula. Both Adam and Simen are former Open
Champions and it showed. During the Open Doubles play, Matt turned his ankle and it would come back to
haunt him a short time later. The premier event of the weekend, the Open Singles, got underway Sunday
morning. This event never, ever disappoints. All the top guns were back, including a reunion of former
PTTC members and top players Mark Da Vee and Randy Nedrow, who were in town to join in the fray. One by
one, former Open Champions fell by the wayside as the semifinals came into focus. The Winksta would face
fellow Table Tennis & More instructor Derrick “I Scream” Cone (actually, I’ve never even heard him raise
his voice) and yet another TT & M instructor, Andrew Manginelli would cross swords with perennial Open
finalist Xiaozhou Hu. Matt’s paddle was on fire as he defeated Derrick in four straight. But Andrew and
Xiaozhou? Those two went at it tooth and nail! The X-man won the first, Andrew won the next three, but
Xiaozhou won the last three, the final match at 9, to advance to the final. So, in the Open finals, it
was once again the X-man and The Winksta. Matt is such a student of the game that against a lesser
opponent, he could adjust and work around his limited mobility caused by his twisted ankle. But against
the X-man, he would need to be firing on all cylinders just to maintain pace. Alas, on this day, under
these circumstances, Matt was uncharacteristically dispatched in five games. Xiaozhou Hu regained the
throne and he will fiercely defend it, just as he has in the past. To The Winksta’s credit, he made no
excuses and exclaimed “I came to play and was defeated, period.” The next PTTC tournament is on the
first weekend in May, the Arizona Closed. I anticipate a re-match…

The final event of the weekend saw a return to the podium for Mike Fuschino, this time as winner of the
U-1600’s. Calvin Lee was the other finalist.

It takes contributions from many people to put together a table tennis tournament. In order of the
legality of their serves, we’d like to acknowledge the following and thank them for all their help: Tom
Migliaccio, Mankit Ma, Dave Hickman, Heidi Yang, Wayne Johnson, referee Matt Winkler, umpire Jay
Turberville, Tournament Director Gia Leu, PTTC Club President Mark DeWitt, and PTTC Board Members Jerry
Whelpley and Easy Ed Jerome.

Special thanks as well to super sisters Naomi & Emily, Jasmin Xi, Heidi Yang, Katie Lyter, Trophy World’s
John Harrington and Mr. Warmth, Mike in the Morning and Barry Dattel, whose name is rarely mentioned but
to whom tournament directors everywhere owe a debt of gratitude. Many, many thanks to the players
themselves, without whom there would be no tournament(s), let alone a successful one such as this!

We would also like to thank the following players for their generous donations (for prizes, balls & nets
fund): Jon Redman, Thomas Kluegel, Mark Da Vee, Michael Blackwell, Damon Wake, Chung-Fu Chang, Eric Chan,
Bernard Savitz, Rick Bonifasi, Joe Pierotti, Roger Dax. Buddy Caples, Asha & Ardeshir Dabestani.

Hope to see all the Arizonans again at the next tournament, The Arizona Closed, on May 1st and 2nd, right
here at The ARCH Gymnasium, home of the Phoenix Table Tennis Club! Until then…

2009 Valley of the Sun Open by Randy Rainbolt
Added: 12-10-2009

****** 2009 Valley of the Sun Open, December 5th & 6th, 2009 ******

The Phoenix Table Tennis Club's annual Valley of the Sun Table Tennis Tournament, a great opportunity
to fine-tune your game in preparation for the Nationals in Vegas, got under way with a spitited doubles
competition two days before the weekend events. In the U-3700 Doubles round-robin competition, the final
match would decide the placement of three of the four teams. In a seven game, no-holds-barred cage match
to the death, the team of Bernard Savitz and Jim Takowski outlasted perennial powerhouses Gia Leu and
Jerry Whelpley, to take the win. As a result, the team of Bill Kenig and John Harrington took second !

Come Saturday morning, the air was cold and brisk (finally !) outdoors, but the competition in the
ARCH gymnasium was about to heat up. Bill Cantor defeated The Left Hand of the Devil, Roger Baldner, 3 -
0 in the finals to take the first trophy of the day in the Over 70's. Next up, 17 year old Jonathan Lai,
son of Alex Lai, of the notorious Lai clan(not to be confused with the infamous Dok clan), who wasn't
even born when the author started playing, won the U-1450's. It took seven games in the final, but the
much improved younger Lai beat out an experienced Chung-Fu Chang, making his father a nervous wreck, but
also very proud. Next set of trophies went to Li-Rong Seale, who defeated Clinton Monson in the finals of
the U-1000's. Poker faced Jim Tarkowski, longtime PTTC member and one-time Club President, worked his
funny rubber magic on his weary opponents, ultimately defeating heavy hitting Mario " I need more room"
Lorenc to take the U-2000's. Jim followed that up with another return to the finals, this time against
Steady Stanley Wong, who defeated Jim in six to take the U-1900's. The team of Chung-fu Chang and Robert
Welsh defeated Damon Wake and his Anchor to win the U-2800 doubles. Chung-Fu is another of the manny
"good guys" in our table tennis community and Robert has become quite the ambassador locally for our

Sunday's events were slated to get underway at 10:00am, but by 9:00am the tables were full of
contestants warming up. If you were to walk in out of the cold, unfamiliar with our sport, you'd think
you'd walked into the thick of competition. These people were just practicing !

Arizona's own Yoda of Table Tennis, Matt "The Winksta" Winkler teamed with young firebrand Awtrin
Dabestani to defeat Gia Leu and Mario Lorenc in the Open Doubles.
Next up, fundamentally sound Alex Guima, having traveled all the way from El Paso, TX, defeated
constantly improving Tim Yee in the finals of the U-1300's. Santa's younger, fitter brother David Cheung,
continues to amaze, winning the U-1750's by defeating unflappable Bill Guerin in the finals. Late that
day, Li-Rong Seale capped off a successful weekend with another first-place trophy, beating Robert
Bluestone in the U-1150's.

Sunday afternoon, the semi-final brackets were taking shape in the hotly contested and popular Open
event. Two great things about the Open are that anyone can advance, and lower rated players get a chance
to mix up with the big-boys in a an ultimately competitive environment.

Panno Dok was back on his game and faced former Open Champion Xiaoshou Hu in one of the semis. He had
defeated previous Open winner Adam Zagula and was looking to upset Hu next. But it was not meant to be as
Hu bested Dok in five games. In the other semis, Andrew "Resistance is Futile" Manginelli wound up facing
his friend, Matt Winkler. As everyone in the Phoenix area knows, Matt runs Table Tennis and More out of
Central Phoenix and Andrew is one of his instructors. Having taken lessons from Andrew myself, I can
vouch that the young man is dedicated and very serious about his craft. So the two partners in spin waged
war from opposite sides of the net. The battle went the full seven games, with The Winksta taking the
final match, 12-10. In the future, when these two meet again, and they will meet again. paramedics will
be provided ... for the audience. Now, the Battle of the Titans was set. Two former Open Champions were
battling once again for Table Tennis Supremacy in The Valley of the Sun. You could almost have predicted
that this would go seven, and it did. The final game, in which taking the offensive proved to be
detrimental, was taken by Matt, 11-9. The Winksta maintains bragging rights until at least February of
the next year !

The final 1st Place trophy of the tournament was awarded to longtime player and legend in his own mind
Michael Fuschino, who defeated Chung-Fu Chang in the finals of the U-1600's. Chung-Fu's trophy was his
third of the tournament!

The 2009 edition of the "VOS" was a big success.

Competitors from Texas, New Mexico and Nevada and locally from Sun City, Tucson and Myrtle Avenue
helped make it so. We would like to thank the following players for your generous donation (for prizes,
balls & nets fund): Eric Chan, Bernard Savitz, Rick Bonifasi, Damon Wake, Dorothy Irving, Chung-Fu Chang,
Joe Pierotti, Jack Huh, Randy Rainbolt, Mile Rodich and Roger Dax.

As we always note here, it takes selfless contributions from many people to make these tournaments go.
We'd like to recognize those who have donated their time and efforts: Tournament Director Gia leu, PTTC
board members Jerry Whelpley and Ed Jerome and PTTC President Mark Dewitt, tournament advisor Wayne
Johnson, Wayne's wife and ace score-keeper Xin, Mankit Ma, Dave Hickmand, Heidi Yang, Heidi's daughters
Emily and Naomi (tropy girls and future pro photographers !), Referee Matt Winkler, Umpire Jay
Turberville adn all-around nice guy Tom Migliaccio. We'd also like to recognize Trophy World for coming
through, like always, with unique and eye-catching rewards for the contestants. Of course, saving the
best for last, we'd like to thank all those who participated. Without you, there would be no

Best wishes over the Holiday Season and hope to see many of you again February 20th & 21st for the
Arizona Open !

2009 AZ Sizzler by Randy Rainbolt
Added: 10-05-2009

On the first weekend in October, as the weather was breaking and we were reminded why we live in Arizona,
the Phoenix Table Tennis Club held the AZ Sizzler Table Tennis Tournament.

There must have been something about walking to a still, cool morning (finally!) that lifted spirits.
There was zeal in the air that you could sense even during warm-ups. Players from nearby New Mexico,
California, Texas and as far away as Jamaica came to Phoenix to compete.

The first event of the tournament took place two days prior when Awtrin Dabestani and The Winksta
defeated Leping He and Richard Li in the finals of the U-3700 Doubles. First trophy winners of the day
were Rick Bonifasi and New Mexico's Jerry Nabb, finalists in the U-1000, with Rick taking first in six
Next to the podium were the Over 70 Singles finalists, Lewis Lisook and Tucson's Roger Baldner. Twelve
year old Awtrin Dabestani continues to improve very tournament, this time winning three games to one in
the U-1450's over veteran Lev Vays of Tucson. Meanwhile, at the table adjacent to theirs, a Battle Royale
was taking place in the U-2000 finals. Two Derricks, Dok and Cone, went to deuce in the seventh before
Cone finally won out. The 2nd game of the match went 22 - 20, Cone ! Tammy Glassman from New Mexico
attended yet another of our tournaments and took home the 1st place trophy in the Over 60's, defeating
always affable Mile Rodich. The team of Simonic Marjan and Leping He defeated Richard Yip and long-time
PTTC club member Roger Dax in the U-3200 Doubles. Saturday's competition finished with a flurry. In the
U-1900 finals, Stanley Wong took the first two games from "the Pips Whisperer", Tucson's Rocky Dotzler.
After that, though, it beccame a sheer battle of wills. Rocky won the next four to take first place and
close out the day.

Sunday morning the great weather and competition continued. The first winner of the day was Mile
Rodich, taking improving David Snodgrass in four in the final of the U-1300'S. The unlikely team of Gia
Leu and Matt Winkler defeated Jay Turberville and Adam Zagula in the Open Doubles. Adam Zagula had an
excellent tournament, winning over higher rated Andrew Manginelli in the Open Singles. Wiley Xavier
Silveira outlasted David Cheung to win the U-1750's. At the close of the final day of the tournament, Ray
Robertson, one of the truly nice guy in the table tennis community here, defeated visiting Robert
Bluestone in the U-1150's. The last event of the tournament may have been the most competitive. In the
U-1600's Marjan Simonic and Kamran Salek battled with Marjan winning out in the end.

We would like to thank the following players for your generous donation (for prizes, balls & nets
fund): Bernard Savitz, Tammy Glassman, Jim Tarkowski, Damon Wake, Jack Huh, Rick Bonifasi, Eric Chan, Tom
Kluegel, Karl Augestad, Dorothy Irving, Tony Nguyen and Stanley Wong.

We's like to recognize the following people for making the tournament a success: Dan Bryan and John
Harrington at Trophy World, Referee Matt Winkler and Umpire Jay Turberville, Mankit Ma and David Hickman
and his wife Heidi Yang. Also, PTTC Board members Gia leu, Jerry Whelpley, Ed Jerome and Randy Rainbolt
for running the control desk, though it could be argued that the control desk ran them !

Attendance was terrific as always and a good time, again, was had by all. Thank you all for
participating ! You were the difference. See you the first weekend in December, right here, at the Valley
of the Sun Open !

Table Tennis Update
Added: 09-19-2009

The next time you are in New York City, "The Big Apple", take your paddle and drop by Spin New York, a
new table tennis social club on Park Avenue South, probably the ritziest neighborhood of the city in the
Upper East Side. Enthusiasts of the sport and newcomers alike are welcomed to the club to bounce back
and forth, ping-pong if you like, between their social life and a good table tennis workout. Sip
cocktails during, between, and after games on one of 15 Olympic-quality tables while DJs play background
music. I'm not sure how that is, but it seems to work for them. You can also get top-rate lessons from
one of the world-class teaching pros on staff. No word yet on who the coaches are. There is even a
private “Fred Perry Room” with a mirrored table for players who want that private ping-pong moment with
their special person. And everything in the 13,000 square foot facility is state of the art.

The club was sponsored by Susan Sarandon and three filmmakers, who used to have ping-pong parties in
their Manhattan lofts that became so popular they saw the trend with the sport and decided to invest
their money in this club and our sport. As Sarandon said, “The great thing about table tennis is that
everyone thinks they are good at it. It’s a game that cuts through generations and you can play it your
whole life.” We can all agree with her comments.

Playing at the club does not come cheap, but seems to be worth it to NYC aficionados of the sport. An
annual membership is $1000- a year or $100- a month, and drop-ins can play for $15 a half-hour. Your
favorite drink or cocktail will be extra. At the same time, an annual membership in the Phoenix Table
Tennis Club is $160- a year and you can play at the Washington Activity Center park gym for $10- a year.

On a more serious note Jane Magras, who has been a player for a long time and served for many years on
the Board of Directors and at least two as president, has been in the John C. Lincoln Hospital at about
3rd Avenue on West Dunlap after surgery. I'm not sure how long she will be in the hospital, but those of
you who know Jane should drop by and cheer her up. She needs visitors from her friends, so if you know
Jane or know friends who may not get this note, please pass it on. I do not have all the info, but Ed
Jerome (jazzed2@cox.net) may have more up-to-date facts. We all hope Jane recovers quickly and
thoroughly, and can be back playing soon.

I hope to see you across the table at either the PTTC or the WAC. Bill

Offensive Behavior, Disable Parking and Racket Control
Added: 03-25-2009

*************** Tournament & Club's News **********************

1- Offensive Behavior:

Constantly using offensive languages or offensive behavior at The Phoenix Table Tennis Club's
tournaments or at the gym is UNACCEPTABLE.

If happens for the first time, we will talk to you (It is consider the first warning).

If happens again, we will ask you to leave the gym immediately and we will not welcome or accept your
entry form for 1 year or suspension of privileges at the club for a specific amount of time (If happens
at the club's nights).

2- Disabled Parking Enforcement:

It is illegal for parked or block at the handicapped parking spaces. We have discussed with Joe of
ARCH. If this continues to happen, he will have Law Enforcement come out to issue tickets - the fines for
this violation range from $250 to $500.

2- Racket Control:

Just to remind to all players that your paddles will be tested randomly at the National. Please,
check out or download the update version regarding the Racket Control on our website or at USATT.org.

They will be using the Enez device to detect VOCs and also using the new thickness measurement device
to check thickness of racket coverings.

For our first tournament in 2009 (2009 AZ Open), we will test trial of using thickness measurement
device to check thickness of racket coverings. Every player whose racket fails the racket test is not
subjected to disqualification from the first tournament in 2009.

Jay Turberville does have the thickness measurement device to check the thickness of your racket
coverings. If you would like to find out if your rackets are legal. Please, see Jay....He will be happy
to help you.

On our second tournament, the 2009 AZ Closed. The Racket Control test will be applied. If the racket
is found illegal, the player has to play the match with another racket, which shall be tested immediately
AFTER match.

Every player whose racket fails the racket test after the match is subject to disqualification from
the tournament. If the player already won the match, a loss will be recorded for the same match.

Gia Leu
Tournament Director

Tournament Sponsor Programs
Added: 04-13-2008

The Phoenix Table Tennis Club, a Non-Profit club, established in 1947, is seeking tournament sponsors to
help in supporting the activities of the club's tournaments (prizes for more events, better trophies, new
tables and nets for the club). The Phoenix Table Tennis Club is family orientated with a widely ethnic,
diverse membership of professional, skilled, semi-skilled members of all age groups. The Phoenix Table
Tennis Club would like to offer your business or personal the opportunity to advertise through our
Tournament Sponsor Programs. The Phoenix Table Tennis Club offer sponsorship at one or all five of our
annual weekend tournaments. The Phoenix Table Tennis Club, an untapped source of customers.


* One tournament only.
* Minimum $50.00 and up.
* Sponsor can display brochures and business cards at information desk on
tournament days.
* The name of your business or your own personal (family's name or any names
you like to dedicate) will be under "Sponsored by:" of the entry form.


* One tournament only.
* Minimum $300.00 and up.
* Sponsor can display brochures, banners, and business cards at information desk
on tournaments days.
* The name of your business or your own personal (family's name or any names
you like to dedicate) will be the tournament's name. Example: instead of 2008
AZ Open, it will be Mark Dewitt Open.

Please, contact Gia Leu at 602-620-7722 or gialeu@netscape.net

Thank You,

Interview with Mario Lorenc
Added: 06-22-2004

This is a short article about Mario Lorenc from The Arizona Republic. The interview took place at the
Grand Canyon State Games in June 2004. Click
http://www.phoenixtabletennisclub.org/uploads/special/mario_lorenc_article.jpg to view it.

Pingpong at "Games" - Interview with Gia Leu
Added: 06-30-2003

Click on the link to view the copy of the article posted in the Arizona Republic after the 2003 Grand
Canyon State Games. http://www.phoenixtabletennisclub.org/uploads/special/gia_leu_article.jpg