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1 squat cut-serve. Squat side cut serve include positive and negative side cut tee, this tee is a more complex way of serving, due to technical complexity, so confusing in actual combat. She is left-handed grip, squat tee ball rotation and the right hand grip is just the opposite, which is more conducive to fool the enemy. Observed cotinine cut-serve her positive side and the anti-side of the ball turn out to be very skilled, so you can earn more initiative in the game.
2 only take into account the elements and Women play men. Ding Ning's play a little like a combination of Liu Shiwen and Guo Yue. Liu Shiwen forehand and backhand conversion is smooth quickly, but Liu Shiwen forehand lethal when encountered both rotation and force opponents appeared to be inadequate. Guo Yue play some men's tendency, but because of the increasing range of motion for a direct impact on positive and negative conversion and put the speed frequency, when was the speed to suppress the error rate change will greatly improve, and pure woman masculine play a direct impact on the length of his career.
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