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Chinese national table tennis training center (cntttc.org)

In order to fully prepare the 2011 Rotterdam world table tennis championship. The Chinese national table tennis team had the last closed training in the Chinese National Table Tennis Training Center (CNTTTC); recently, the international table tennis federation specially entitled the article of how the Chinese team was trained in order to deeply uncover this Table Tennis Dream Team and reveal part of their preparation for common people.
The training system of Chinese table tennis team possesses the top professional techniques in the world table tennis domain. Jus as everyone has known that, the glorious combat gains yearly have explained this point.
The first impression has left for you when entering the training gym at Chinese national table tennis training center is that the facilities are very advanced and the equipments are abundant, different training equipments have different training ways and each way has its special training goal.
In the training process of Chinese table tennis team, one of training ways which has success and uniqueness is the training with multi balls—the coaches are feeding the balls continuously and players practice it, it’s specially designed for different players and training. This professional training skill is extensively used among the whole Chinese players. Especially in the pre-match preparation for the world table tennis championship which is going on at Rotterdam now.
Scenario 1
The coach feeds the backspin short ball for the player’s forehand and the player moves and adjusts the body, then return the ball to coach directly. Next step, the coach serves back a long ball and sees if the player can make forehand attacking immediately.
Training goals: this way of training is most commonly used in the training process of Chinese team. It requires the player to forward the body and serve back the ball at first time, and then adjust the balance of body quickly in order to smash the long ball out of the table. This movement way of back and forth is rarely seen in the table tennis sports and pragmatic.
Scenario 2
The coach severed the topspin with middle speed; the dropping point will be at all over table surface in order to test the player’s forehand attacking ability after the quick adjustment and movement.
Training goals: it is one of the notable features for the players with attacking type in the Chinese team that we still take proactive way specific to the ball coming from different dropping point and this multi ball training model has rightly simulated the topspin in the practical competition. If the feeding of the ball is appropriated, it can test the player’s quick movement ability and develop the forehand attacking ability. In the Chinese team, the coaches attach great importance to the quality of every returning ball. Any disparity comparing with the anticipated performance will be corrected by the coach.
Scenario 3
In order to develop the player’s quick movement and action, the coach will feed the short ball from different spiny direction and returning ball with aggressiveness.
Training goal: in the way of playing among the Chinese athletes, there is a common point that the players always find a favorable opportunity and take the active condition. This way is mainly for developing the player’s aggressive techniques and confidence; even take the positive action when the opponent doesn’t think that’s an opportunity. In addition, the forward movement speed’s importance will be embodied when you receive the short ball.
Scenario 4
This is a unique and interesting training method. It needs the coach and another player’s coordination. Firstly, the coach serves the short forehand ball. When the players return the ball, the coach needs to return it with a backhand long ball. At this moment. The player needs to adjust the balance of body quickly and attack with forehand by sideways. The main player at the coach’s side needs to serve the ball at the opponent’s direction again, and then both players go on with several rounds’ attacking until the miss of the other side.
Training goal: this training should be very strict, it not only needs player’s quick adjustment at the footwork, but also needs the player’s quick action facing the ball from different spiny direction and forehand attacking. In the process of training with multi balls, there is a common way with three players’ cooperation. It is flexible when taking this way. However, the coach is mainly inspecting the player’s training value.
Scenario 5
The coach has a number of balls in hand and waits for the player finishing the action of returning after serving the ball. Then they practice like this repeatedly, at this round, the coach has to serve the ball with handful of balls. Therefore, it requires a lot of serving speed, rotation and dropping point of the ball.
Training goal: there is a clear point after the observe at close distance, Chinese coaches attach great importance to the training way of inspecting the action ability as the form of many ways. Many table tennis experts has ever mentioned the reason why Chinese players are always unflappable amid changes and have full preparation for the any forms of ball, obviously, this training has played a crucial role.
Attention on the details
The above mentioned scenarios have embodied another point. Every training way is specially designed for player with different type at the exact goal. The Chinese coach group has 9 members in total, but the number of players can reach to 24 members. But when the beginning of training with multi balls, the coach will take the different measures in order to make every player have the opportunity of training and won’t miss any player, maybe this is the way to boost the Chinese table tennis domain for so many years.

Chinese national table tennis training center www.cntttc.org/
05-20-2011  01:49
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