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Frank LeeNoting the power of serving
EmailWhen we talk of the power of serving, especially for increasing the power of serving the ball, people always think of the consequences of serving the ball,the ball ether flies out of the table or bounces too high . But actually, when we serve the short ball with the increasing of strength, the ball is short, turning, low and good placement; when we serve the long ball with increasing of the strength, the ball is long, fast, turning and falls on the left and right corners of table. So it reflects the artistry and technical of table tennis. It not only can get from the practice, but also it is right in theory. As long as we serve the ball with the increasing of the power, we should control the ratio of impact force and friction and increase the length of spiral line when the ball rubs the paddle; reduce the thickness of friction, increase the time of the ball rubbing the paddle appropriately. Then you can achieve the above effects.
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03-10-2011  19:43
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