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dream factoryAbout the special relationship between coaches and training mates
EmailChinese national table tennis training center (cntttc.org)
In China, an excellent coach must have several excellent training mates with different styles and ways of playing beside to assist the coach to complete the training. It will be difficult for coaches to help the players to reach a certain level without the assistance of excellent training mates no matter how outstanding they are. This is the reason why so many talented players who have been trained by some outstanding coaches in Europe and North America can’t defeat the Chinese players. Because they are lack of some advanced excellent training mates beside to help them to complete the content which is arranged by coaches. While only one coach’s skill of playing is hard to adapt to the players with various different styles. It is impossible to achieve the effect of being trained by excellent training mates if the coach only plays as a training mate. The excellent training mates can’t train out of outstanding player without the guide of coaches, at the same time; the excellent coaches can’t train out of outstanding players without the training mates who have high level. Therefore, the coaches and training mates is a whole which can’t be separated.
02-16-2011  19:33
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