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FrankSome Experiences in practice
EmailI have watched the discussion on both inside and outside the arc for a long time , and recently I have changed some actions . The ball-friends said the ball had revolved a lot . At that time, some things I don’t understand , but I know it needs to see the outside arc after I test on it . You must deliberately use the paddle to lick-pull and create the outer arc , but it is very difficult to do that . Therefore , I am used to pack-pull , because it is more stable in this way and it has a high success rate . The ball-friends said the ball doesn’t revolve very well , and they don’t find the reason all the time . It will feel tired to strengthen friction . Recently , after I saw the net-friends’ articles and the video of Tangjianjun , I know when you pull the ball you can go straight on . The ball must be serve out frictionally and it uses the friction to control the radian , not using the number of pressure shot to control the radian .
There is also a experience that when you pull the ball , the elbow scratch the arc in the distance , especially , you must be high revision . I don’t understand it before , I think it is no use . But now , I find the range of motion of hands will be greater only in this way and the revolvement of the ball will be much better .
The other problem is the rhythm . When you practice , you are not necessary to practice attacking the ball and it could be mix-practice . when you compete , you will find you can more easily handle the ball if there is the concept of the rhythm in your mind . For my part , if there is a concept of the rhythm in your mind , when you finish playing a ball , you will initiatively think how to handle the next one , if not , you will think how to handle the ball only after the counterpart back the ball . So I wonder if everyone can understand, as if to realize, more difficult to explain in words .
Finally , it is the problem of the time of handling the ball and do action .Before ,it always needs to prepare for action (for example , handle and so on ) as soon as possible and wait there , you will handle the ball when it comes .Now , I find it is not very good .If there is a change (for example , turn on side) when the ball drop in the table of this side , it will be very difficult to handle the ball because you have prepared for the action .Thus , if you do action a little late ,in that case , you can change the action to handle the ball .Action can be done later,in this way ,it will make you to be used to doing fast action and also can improve your reaction capability .Do action a little late , it can not waste the rest time to wait , you must move your steps to find the best position .I understand that , but most of the time , I still wait because I cannot move the steps to find the best position to handle the ball, so I can only practice slowly .

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10-20-2010  02:50
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