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JarretFirst Experiences
EmailI am now sitting in my truck after my first open play night with the Phoenix table tennis club. How friendly and helpful their members were, orientating my girlfriend and I through the rules and table etiquette. However, as I attempted to \"challenge an individual more my age and appearant skill level an older grouch who\'m resembled Kristy wearing a mouse shirt frowned shook his head and beckoned my name from my card. Scowling he averted his gaze after I waved to him. The grouch(as I have named him) was promptly told to challenge another table. The man who leant us a ball was very nice and kind, and an amazing player from what I saw. However the constant scowls received from grouch was enough to put the girlfriend and I into a bad mood. As we left the gym we were glared down by the crotchity grouch and we eagerly returned stares. What was his problem? Well that\'s enough of that kind of attitude. I\'m very shocked at the curtious actions most members gave us while this one man seemed to have it out for anyone that was new to the watering hole.

Other than the grouch I felt like the Phoenix Table Tennis Club has A solid membership with many friendly players. They all welcomed us and got us engaged. Good time, but people with an elitist attitude should be retired.
04-05-2010  23:41
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