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Thread: German table tennis club needs your help!
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EmmaGerman table tennis club needs your help!
EmailHello table tennis friends,
my name is Emma and I am the co-trainer of a small german table-tennis-club.
We have the possibility to win 3000,- euro on the competition of a German bank. We need the money to support of our younger talents. Please vote for us on the following website:
The next round begins in four hours! Click on »JETZT ABSTIMMEN«, fill in the »Sicherheitscode« (securitycode) and click on »Stimme abgeben«. That’s it! You needn't fill in the other fields like name, address and email. So there is no risk! You have the opportunity to vote every 10 minutes! We would be glad, if you could save the site as bookmark and vote for us regularly!
Why we need your help? We only have 100 members and there are so many clubs with more than several hundreds of them. Please tell all your friend, members and relatives about it!!!
If you want to know more about us, please visit our website at: www.dsj-tt.de
Thank you very much!

»Gut Schlunz!«
03-21-2010  16:50
EmailWe are on the first Place! Please vote several times!
Thank You!
03-26-2010  04:37
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