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Thread: Looking for Scott Baker
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Mario LorencLooking for Scott Baker
EmailHans Nilsson with email address hassebabo@hotmail.com
is looking for Scott Baker. If you have contact with him, please send an email to Hans. He is currently living in the Netherlands.

This is his original email I got:

I have tried the white pages earlier, but with no real luck (since there are too many Scott Baker listings). Since we have not been in touch for so many years, I have no idea where he would live (and Phoenix is big).
We are planning on being in the Phoenix area around Christmas and New Year, so it would be nice to get in contact with him before we get there. If there is any way that you could help, I would appreciate it.
If anyone in the club knows where he lives and they can contact him, just give him my email address and tell him that we live in the Netherlands now.
Thank you and all the best,
Hans Nilsson
08-31-2007  18:33
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