The club is located at:
Arizona Recreation Center for the Handicapped (See the map)
1550 W. Colter Street
Phoenix, AZ 85015
(Do not send mail to this address)

PTTC Board of Directors
Tournament and Individual League Director: Jay Turberville
Email: pttc@studio522.com
Individual League Director: Brian Annest
Email: bcannest@gmail.com
Team and Individual League Director: Tony Cheung
Email: pttc_tony@cox.net
Team League Director: David Snodgrass
Email: pttcdavid@gmail.com
Treasurer: Gia Tho Leu
Email: gialeu01@gmail.com
Webmaster: Mario Lorenc
Email: mario.lorenc@gmail.com

If you have any questions, send us an email and we will try to answer them.
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