The innovative "Time Out" device being used in Beijing
December 18, 2007

pictureA splendid innovation at the Volkswagen Pro Tour Grand Finals which were staged from 13th to16th December 2007 and at the Good Luck Beijing Invitation Tournament on 18th and 19th December 2007 is the "Time Out" device produced by the Double Happiness Company.

Over the years, since "Time Out" was first introduced many methods of signaling the break in play have been tried.

However, of all the ideas used in the past; in my view, the piece of equipment being used in the Peking University Gymnasium is the most innovative and the most informative.

"Time Out" is indicated by a deep red colored rectangular shaped device that is positioned on the table when the break has been called; it is placed at the end of the table which is occupied by the player who has requested the one minute pause in proceedings.

The device consists of a large letter "T" with the words "Time Out" being scribed vertically along the side of the large letter.

Main Attraction
However, that is not the major attraction; the major attraction is that there is a digital clock that counts down the minute in bold red numbers.

The effect is that spectators can see exactly what is happening; they are quickly aware of which player has called the "Time Out" and they are also aware of the time that remains.

Positive Aid
Furthermore, the device is a positive aid to television coverage.

It advises the viewer clearly of what is happening and the amount of time remaining before play resumes. It is valuable both for the enthusiast watching at home and for the spectators in the venue with the device being clearly visible on the large video screen.

A splendid innovation, it has been well received by players and coaches alike; it adds a further degree of professionalism to the sport and enhances an already splendid spectacle.

It is the first time the device has been used in an international tournament.

Source: ITTF.com